Fox Pro Technologies offers a range of services and solutions that help you to analyze, understand and manage data security and protect your information system from cyber criminals.

Our Cyber Security Services:

Virtual CISO

The confidential business data such as sensitive personal and financial details of the company, as well as customers, require constant observation and attention for security and protection.

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) require data security that is already in place at larger organizations, though not every business demands or can afford the full-time engagement of an executive to supervise this function. Our passion is to assist SMBs that require minimum, consistent and cost-effective virtual CISO services in tackling the increasingly hostile cybersecurity threat situations.

Fox Pro Technologies offers access to experienced cybersecurity specialists, who take on the role of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer. They virtually manage your security strategy and assist in the review of risks, preparation of budgets, and build regulatory plans. Some of our CISO services include customer and partner questionnaire support, information security program creation and management, qualitative information security risk assessment, etc.

Information Security Assessment

Information Security Assessment is a way of assessing the vulnerabilities that may exist in the organization’s information channels or systems as well as identify areas for improvement.

We provide support in recognizing, evaluating and monitoring IT risks and help you identify threats and analyze their probability of occurrence.

Cloud Data Security

We provide cloud data security solutions such as firewalls, encryption and mobile as well as web security. Cloud-based security solutions protect websites from malware and other cyber threats and also boost the performance of your website speed.

Email Security

The security breaches that occur in electronic mail are a major concern for almost all organizations today. Attacks such as spam, spear-phishing, as well as malware, are significant areas to be analyzed and require layers of protection. We provide email security solutions covering areas such as the following.

  • anti-malware protection
  • anti-spam protection
  • information privacy and protection support

Penetration testing

Vulnerabilities in information systems that might feel seem insignificant may end up in either critical data loss or unauthorized access to the organization’s data assets. Through a penetration test, one can conduct an authorized attempt to hack and gain access to an organization’s data assets. It identifies as well as rectifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses to prevent a potential cyber attack.

Our Penetration test service tracks loopholes in your network to avoid costly data breaches when delivering services to the customers. Penetration test reports provide detailed test audits and recommendations to address the threats and concerns.

Third-Party Risk Management

Third-party risk management (TPRM) involves the assessment and control of risks resulting from doing business with vendors, suppliers, or other third-party environments. Through Fox Pro Technologies, you can plan, develop, and manage your TPRM program of risks involved in terms of onboarding, operation, transaction, information security, compliance, and strategy.

IoT Security

We now have billions of IoT devices worldwide. Connected devices can lift your business, but anything that’s connected to the Internet can be exposed to cyberattacks. Considering their increased presence in our daily lives, we have to keep in mind their inherent security issues. The security of IoT devices needs to be monitored both internally (as a physical device) and externally (the networks they’re connected to).

Our IoT device security helps in protecting systems, devices, networks, and data from a wide range of IoT security attacks, which target vulnerabilities and weaknesses during communication, changing of hands from user to maintenance, device software, and chips.