AR Emojis being a core product aimed to deliver a seamless integration of fun-filled augmented characters in the concept of video making and sharing

    Augmented reality on Maps

    We use the AR technology to use it in geo-location and geospatial mapping. We can also create a virtual map with location-specific content to simulate the real or physical world. We can also draw a 3D map representing key buildings and locations.

    Augmented reality facilitates image recognition

    We allow netizens to gain faster access to product details and engaging online presentations through AR-backed image recognition. We can also provide print media to give an interactive makeover to the images viewed via supporting devices. With image recognition, we can identify and retrieve the images stored in the cloud. We can also help the content owner to update their content at any time.

    Augmented reality-backed games

    A game’s appeal and features get enhanced by the illusions that AR creates. Therefore, we provide a more realistic appearance to the games by incorporating the augmented versions of 3D animations, pictures, and sounds. The game is enhanced in terms of audio, motions, speeches, and characters and this is what makes the game more interesting.

    At Fox Pro we do it all