3D Printing

Additive manufacturing, such as 3D printing, is a kind of manufacturing.

By comparing real-time 3D printing providers, you can acquire the most competitive price for your projects. You will be informed of the pricing details by our sales staff, which is the best price that our manufacturing partners can provide us at the moment. excellent customer service that is kind and accommodating. You may have it sent to any part of the globe. Pricing that is clear and honest is what we strive for.

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With our online 3D printing service, you may have your components in a short amount of time.

By using our online 3D printing solution, you may improve your company’s strategy while also speeding up your innovation. Profit from the knowledge and experience of 3D printing pros and begin producing high-quality goods with our cutting-edge 3D printing technology now.

You are in charge of its design:
Create your 3D design in any CAD programme that you like, including Adobe Illustrator. We support over 40 different file types, allowing us to meet all of your 3D printing requirements. 

We can 3D print it for you:
By using industrial 3D printers, our expert operators can create your prototypes and end-use components with the greatest level of attention to quality possible.

You will be receiving it:
With Fox Pro’s 3D printing service, you can have your 3D printed components sent to you anywhere on the globe from our 3D printing facilities.

What was the impetus for getting started?
Ninety per cent of hardware start-up’s fail to make it past the MVP stage. Most of those that attempt it are unsuccessful throughout the pre-production or production stages. 

The Fox Pro 3D division was established in order to combat these disappointing statistics. 

What exactly are we attempting to accomplish? Make every kind of manufacturing service available via the Fox Pro 3D division. attempting to make manufacturing as simple as purchasing items from Amazon. 

Why will we go through with it? Our sincere affection for the industrial industry An understanding of our most important customers Entrepreneurs that are unyielding in their pursuit of success.

Our Global Repercussions:
Since our founding, we have assisted more than 500 people, start-ups, and corporations in more than 130 countries, and we have supplied more than 25,000 components.

What distinguishes us:
In our 3D printing service, we provide total transparency by providing rapid quotation creation, thorough invoicing upon submission of your model, and quick delivery service. Even 3D printing has its limits, which is why we provide design insights to help you enhance your design so that it can be prototyped more effectively. For the purpose of capitalising on the actual potential of 3D printing while also educating the public on the technology, we are expanding into the medical and healthcare areas by producing goods and solutions such as bespoke prostheses and orthopaedic devices. We are working hard to tailor medical equipment in order to speed up and improve the healing of patients’ illnesses.